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Letter: New leadership is needed in St Georges

Dear Sir:

The victory of the NO vote on the 24th November 2016 like it or not was an embarrassing defeat for Prime Minister Keith Mitchell, the NNP, Francs Alexis and CRAC.
This embarrassing miscalculation and poor judgement by the prime minister the highest political job on the island and his cabinet explains why Mitchell turned to the IMF as the economic life support system of his NNP administration after running up the nation's debt into the billions of dollars.

A few years ago just the thought of the word IMF would turn Mitchell insane. Today the IMF is Mitchell and the NNP best friend and Grenadians worst nightmare and enemy. Such is the magnitude of the economic mismanagement and poor governance of Keith Mitchell and the NNP for the past 15 years and especially from 2013 to present.

The cabinet headed by Mitchell selected all the bills that were rejected overwhelmingly by the electorate, showing a disconnect between the NNP politicians and the public.

New leadership is therefore needed to rescue Grenada from the incompetence of this administration. Mitchell is governing Grenada on the 'Anansi Theory'.

The Anansi Theory is based on the strategy of self preservation and the blame game. Select the members of CRAC and all the Bills for the referendum singlehandedy. If the referendum is successful, take all the credit; if it fails, blame Nazim Burke and the NDC; however, ensure his constituency vote yes by using his agents in the field.

Anansi Strategy

This Anansi theory and strategy was also used to great effect by another Mitchell – former prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The problem with this theory and strategy is that, when Anansi is out, his political organisations dies.

Peter David, Roland Bhola, Nicholas Steele and company, if they are politically savvy and sensible, would ensure that they skillfully pull the rug from under Anansi feet if they are to have a long lasting political future.

Baer Anansi must be credited for using his theory to turn former revolutionaries and foes into 'Royal Clowns' and ending once and for all the political career of Francis Alexis. Alexis emerged as the 'Mule' of the referendum process. Sad and unfortunate, but that is the reality he has to live and deal with for the remainder of his life. Two = nil.

Say what you want about the political leader of the NDC, Nazim Burke, he is a man of high integrity, intellect, principle, humility and loyalty.

The primary reason for the continuous attacks and character assassination by Mitchell and his cronies on Burke is that they see him as a major threat to their political ambitions. He has withstood all their attacks and continues to remain focused and committed to the development and growth of the Grenadian people.

The failure of all the bills, including the three that Mitchell strongly supported, speaks volumes about the judgement of Mitchell and his cabinet. The results showed a genuine lack of confidence in Mitchell and his administration.

New national leadership is needed. Mitchell should have done the honourable thing and resign, paving the way for early general elections, with new leadership seeking a new mandate to govern.

How would you explain the fact that a political leader and prime minister, having won all 15 seats in the nation's parliament and with total control of the levers of government, being rejected so overwhelmingly by the people who supported him in a landslide victory a few years ago?

The only credible reason is a total rejection of the leader, his policies and programs. It therefore means that the people and country need a new leader.

Mitchell accused the NDC of campaigning for a NO vote. He himself campaigned for a YES vote and lost, then he should realize that he was rejected and the time has come for him to go.

Shifting the blame is disingenuous, callous and unfortunate. A real leader would stand up to his responsibility. Anansi Theory' however doesn't work that way. It therefore means that the people and country need a new leader and new leadership.

It is now quite evident that Prime Minister Mitchell and the NNP administration have ran out of ideas on how to move the country forward. MPs are missing in action and some even AWOL.

The many promises made by Mitchell and the NNP prior to the 2013 elections were all fake promises. What Mitchell and his NNP administration have delivered instead is a litany of draconian taxes on the backs of the middle class. Poverty, unemployment crime, violence, prostitution, alcohol and illegal drug use continue to skyrocket.

The cost of living is out of this world. It is no coincidence that PM Mitchell can brag about the record collection in VAT. A tax he accused the NDC of implementing but now boasts about the revenues it generates towards the economy. The Anansi Theory.

Unemployment among the youths is approximately 60 % and rising. The Imani program has not lived up to expectations, targeting a mere 5% of the nation's young people. Drug peddling has become the major source of income for thousands of the nation’s youths. The security forces are allegedly turning a blind eye to this scourge in some rural communities.

The 2016 -17 budget read by the prime minister is a carbon copy of budgets he read for the past 15 years. Same old political innuendos, rhetoric, grandstanding, mammagism and nothingness.

He is fully aware of Grenadians’ obsession with the money sound bite and so he calls figures like a mad accountant to satisfy the cravings of his base. The word jobs was mentioned in the budget over 50 times and probably a million times since he has been prime minister.

Despite his rhetoric, Grenada's unemployment rate is among the highest in the world. Time for new leadership; enough is enough. Grenada and Grenadians can't afford to continue to spin top in mud.

Grenadians have foolishly supported Mitchell and his party at the peril of themselves and children. How backward can a nation be to hand itself on the corrupt pillar of the house of the NNP? The privileged few are having a grandiose time while the nation’s children are going hungry night after night. Listening to the prime minister's budget one would get the impression that this is the first budget that he has ever read and those before him wrecked the economy. The truth of the matter is he has been the longest serving prime minster. Anansi Theory! Blame Nazim and the NDC.

The record would show that Burke and the NDC did a far better job at managing the economy that Mitchell and the NNP. The incalculable mistake that Tillman Thomas, Burke and the NDC made was to keep Timothy Antoine as the permanent secretary in the ministry of finance. Serious error.

If the NDC wins the next general elections, which is highly possible once the party campaigns aggressively and fights fire with fire, then the party would have to move expeditiously to drain the stench of the NNP swamp. The party must be aware of Mitchell's strategy of politicising the RGPF. The RGPF allocation in the recently read budget is over $50 million. This allocation is not by accident.

As Mitchell appears more and more vulnerable, he will resort to similar tactics employed by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Turn Grenada into a police state and hope that the security forces remain loyal to him. Mitchell may also be preparing for any eventuality and scenario such as a showdown with the remnants of the RMC in his own party and administration. The NDC is a peaceful party that prides itself on the rule of law and the independence of all the democratic institutions, Former prime minister Tillman Thomas, a man of great integrity, ensured that, under his leadership, the RGPF remained independent. Given the Grenadian political culture that may have been a mistake but it was the right thing to do. Real leadership!

The resignation of the acting commissioner of prisons may be soon followed by the resignation of the commissioner of police. One gets the feeling that, as elections get closer and Mitchell feels more and more vulnerable, authoritarianism will raise its ugly head. There are reports of internal wrangling within the NNP especially among the senior members such as Nimrod and Bowen and the traitors. Nimrod and Bowen are old and grey; however, they are still contemplating running in the next general elections. These men seem to want to die in office.

If Grenadians are thinking sensibly they must realise that a change is needed and the time is now. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever going into another decade with spent and lethargic leadership that has not deliver the goods. Political transition is woefully needed in the Spice Isles. Our nation can't afford for Keith Mitchell and the NNP to destroy a third generation of the nation’s youth.

Those who can make a difference should do so now, History won't be kind to those who for the lust of money allowed these men to unleash homosexuality on the nation’s youth. The churches should readily support this change. Don't expect any form of support from the Catholic establishment and Father Shaun. The record is clear.

In conclusion for the good of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique a change in direction and leadership is needed. Grenada is going the wrong way. Anansi must be stopped by all democratic means necessary, Grenadians know what is right, yet for a few dollars thousands of them continue to support what is wrong. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Grenadians are on the verge of perishing,

Grenadian Class

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