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“ The Drive Time Radio Show “is currently produced by “KenBar Productions” and is broadcasted via WPAT 930 AM Radio on Saturdays between 3pm-6pm. The show is aired throughout the Tristate area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as Baltimore, MD and can also be heard via the internet at

“KenBar Poductions Company “ were also the producers of the very popular “Jeff Barnes Show” that was aired on the same schedule for more than fifteen years.This show is designated as the gateway to the African Caribbean American audience between the ages of 16 to 80 years old.

Every week more than 1.5 million listeners tune in to participate in the discussion of several topics as it relates to their lifestyle changes and enhancement.

Discussed topics includes: Health and Fitness, Travel, Politics, Immigration, Real Estate, and Education, Parenting tips, Nutrition and Investments opportunities just to name a few.

Kenbar Productions, is a  marketing company whose priority is to expose your business  not only to the listeners of the” Drive Time Radio Show “but also to the  customers of Atlas Vacations Corporation, our sister company.

We also maximize your investment by exposing your business to the billions people on the” Information Super Highway” and also to those on the go through our “Drive Time Radio Street Team”.

Kenbar Productions offers advertising rates that will fit everyone’s budget so give us a call and we will design a package that you can afford!

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